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Crafty Travel Journal: Salish Sea

This is a unique travel journal/scrapbook which incorporates our marine photography from the Salish Sea with travel prompts to guide you in creating a personalized journal of your adventures in along the coasts of Washington State and British Columbia.  Add your own photographs, descriptions, drawings, postcards and other materials that you gather along the way. We’ve included some suggested topics to highlight your experiences like walking the beach or hiking a coastal forest trail. An example page is provided you get you started with a little visual  inspiration. 



Affiliate Program Products


Looking to buy some filters for sunrise/sunset photography?  With the link to the Singh Ray site provided below, you can get 10% off any filter purchase.  Use the promo code below.


Camera Bags

Our workhorse camera bags are Mindshift Rotation 180 Panorama 22L bags from Think Tank.  They are great bags which include the 180 degree rotation feature for the camera compartment a separate top compartment for lenses, filters, extra layers of clothing, and snacks.  Using the link below, you can review some great camera bag choices.  If you have problems using the link below, you can enter the promo code belowin the Affiliate box during checkout.


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